Gottskär Hotell – Upplev hav och natur, på riktigt!

Information and prices for scheduled trips

During weeks 29-32, you can book a maximum of 12 places and either take a day trip to the island or stay there overnight. You and your travelling companion get a room to yourselves, and share the cosy lighthouse with the other guests.

We meet at our premises at the Surfskjulet in Gottskär harbour around 15 minutes before setting off. The boat trip takes 20-25 minutes, so day trippers have around 3 hours on the island. You can buy Nespresso coffee and drinks on the island.

Day trip: SEK 600 per person (min. 8 years of age. In very calm weather, younger children may be allowed).

- Rigid Inflatable Boat trip
- Guided tour and access to our lighthouse

Add as many nights as you like: SEK 600 per person per night (min. 8 years of age).

Included for 600+600 = 1200 SEK
- Rigid Inflatable Boat trip
- Self-catering accommodation 1 night
- Access to the lighthouse throughout your stay
- Guided tour

Schedule weeks 29-32. (Advanced booking required. Larger groups can book other days of the week.)

Week and days Departure from Gottskär Departure from Nidingen
  approx. 10.00 approx. 14.30
  approx. 10.00 approx. 14.30

Welcome to Nidingen!